Wrinkles Softener and Facial fillers

Non-surgical facial cosmetic treatments are highly effective in improving the appearance of the face.

What are Wrinkles Softener and Facial fillers?

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are highly effective options to help enhance the facial features. They can also be used in select circumstances to reduce the effects of aging on the facial features. wrinkles softener is a treatment which can be performed quickly and safely and has been used regularly for over 20 years. The effects of wrinkles softener are reversible but relatively long lasting, which makes it an excellent choice. Facial fillers have also been widely used for many years and they also can provide excellent, long-lasting results safely. 

wrinkles softener

Mr Lakhani can offer wrinkles softener treatment at all his clinic locations. You will have a thorough clinical evaluation prior to undergoing wrinkles softener treatment including an assessment of your general health to ensure you are safe to undergo the procedure. A thorough examination of your face will be performed to identify areas suitable for wrinkles softener treatment. wrinkles softener can also be used effectively in the management of excess underarm sweating.

Facial fillers

Mr Lakhani generally uses hyaluronic acid based injectable fillers as they are naturally occurring in the body. It is the reduction in the amount of this substance in the skin which leads to effects of ageing combined with wrinkling from the action of the muscles under the skin. Injection with hyaluronic acid such as Restylane plumps up the tissue providing a more youthful appearance. It can be used effectively to improve the contour of the face. 

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