How to Fix A Flat Nose Bridge: Treatment Options

Flat Nose Treatment

The nose plays a central role in achieving facial balance, and the bridge can significantly impact your profile. Many people desire a more defined nasal profile but may need help knowing where to start. If you’ve always desired a more defined nose bridge, you might wonder about your options. Multiple treatment choices are available to make a nose look more harmonised with the face. This blog post discusses various treatment alternatives to fix a flat nasal bridge

What is the Bridge of the Nose?

The bridge of your nose, that smooth slope between your brow and the tip, is a defining facial feature. While some people have a high, prominent bridge, others have a flatter nasal bridge. This variation is perfectly normal and contributes to our diverse facial structures. However, a flat nasal bridge can sometimes be caused by underlying factors. Let’s delve into the potential reasons: 

1. Genetic Factors

Your genes generally play a role in the dimension of your nose, with the bridge being one of the critical elements that tell it apart. Genes your parents give you as their inheritance dictate the milestones of your bone and cartilage growth during the fetal period. If you have a nasal feature similar to your parents, you might look at yourself with a lower nose bridge and identify it with your parents. The change remains the same, with the fact that there is still a high chance that some ethnic groups will have flatter nasal bridges.

2. Nose Injury or Trauma

A ‘nose break’ from being hit by the force of the collision in an accident can cause a change in the shape of the nasal bridge. Particles or fragments may be generated that will destroy knee caps and the cartilage, causing uneven wear and tear and resulting in a flattened knee. Timely medical care in the first ten days and access to medical help can increase the chance of a patient maintaining the nasal bridge intact.

3. Loss of Nasal Support

The structure of your nose relies on a delicate balance between bone and cartilage. Some medical conditions may contribute to a condition where the apex is not responding appropriately. Therefore, the entire pitch of the apex is flattened. Here are two examples

  • Septal perforation: The nasal septum is the cartilage directly above your nostrils. If this wall develops a hole (perforation), it can weaken the nose’s overall support, potentially leading to a hollow or flattened bridge.
  • Relapsing polychondritis: This strange form of autoimmune disease aggravates cartilage in the nose and causes swelling around some parts of the nose. If the immune system is always active, it destroys and decreases nasal cartilage. 

Non-Surgical Solutions for a Flat Nose Bridge 

1. Makeup Contouring

Makeup artistry is more than just adding colour! Contouring techniques can subtly reshape your features; the nose is no exception. The key to successful makeup contouring is smooth blending. Use a damp beauty blender or makeup brush to gently diffuse the contour line upwards towards your brows and downwards along the sides of your nose. 

2. Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers offer a less invasive technique for a more long-lasting result than makeup. Injectables such as hyaluronic acid are among the products dermatologists use during the nasal threading procedure. Dermal fillers are not long-term solutions to improve your skin. It depends on the type of filler used and your characteristics as to when fillers are applied last, ranging from 6 months to 18 months.

3. Nose Pads

Nose pads are small, adhesive strips designed to elevate the nasal bridge subtly. These silicone or plastic pads adhere to the bridge of the nose, creating a temporary lifting effect. Nose pads offer a discreet, non-invasive option for a slightly more defined bridge. They are handy for special occasions or everyday wear when you desire more definition.

Considering Flat Nose Surgery

If your nose is not sharp because it lacks a sharp bridge and wide tip, or if you constantly look at yourself in the mirror and wish you had changed the shape of your nose, then you might be a candidate for a nose job or a rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape the nose by modifying its size, shape, and overall appearance. Surgical methods may do it since the implants can be placed inside or outside the nose. Nasal augmentation can be performed by altering nasal structures to make them better projections or changing the entire nose as an improvement.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery 

1. Corrected Flat Nasal Bridge

Nose width is among the features that are inherited from parents. A flat nasal bridge interferes with face symmetry and affects normal breathing. Rhinoplasty can delicately and elegantly design the nasal bridge, adding a subtle definition that brings balance and proportion to facial aesthetics. 

2. Facial Balance

The nose is a significant component that helps the face achieve symmetry. A big or small nose might attract people’s attention, often mocking them for their superiority or inferiority. Rhinoplasty can help achieve a more balanced look by bringing the nose into better proportion with other facial features like your eyes, cheeks, and chin. 

3. Long-Term Results

Rhinoplasty is a profitable investment in the quality of your life. The duration of healing and recovery is infinitely higher than that of a failed nose surgery. However, the rhinoplasty before and after results can be externally seen for a lifetime or even longer.

4. Selecting A Qualified Surgeon

If surgery is on your consideration list, the priority should be seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon, which is necessary. This session will share your goals, expectations, medical history and any factors that might influence the procedure. The surgeon will examine your nose structures closely and explain the possible rhinoplasty procedures. They will also display before and after pictures so that you can see those as potential results.

Get Effective Treatment for Flat Nose At Rhinoplasty LDN 

Many find a flat nasal bridge detracts from their profile and impacts their self-esteem. But what if you could transform your look and breathe easier in one procedure? Our expertise extends beyond creating a stunning profile. Flat noses can sometimes contribute to breathing difficulties. Rhinoplasty LDN can address these functional issues while enhancing your appearance. Contact us for a personalised consultation. We’ll discuss your goals, answer your questions, and create a treatment plan to achieve the nose you’ve always dreamed of.



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