Nostril Reduction Rhinoplasty

Nostril Reduction Surgery or Treatment is a dedicated plastic surgery operation for the nose to shorten the shape or width of nostrils size in order to match the rest of facial features.

What Is Nostril Reduction Surgery?

Nostril Reduction Rhinoplasty is a form of nose plastic surgery intended to reduce the nostril size or enlarged nasal base. The surgery follows similar steps as Rhinoplasty.

Most people opt for Nostril Surgery to enhance their facial aesthetics through the alar base (alarplasty) and nostril reduction. It is generally a relatively low-risk procedure and the surgery can help the patient’s nose look more symmetrical and aligned with the rest of their facial features.

It is critical that the surgeon understands the patient’s goals before the surgery. Alarplasty or nostril reduction surgery follows a holistic approach to surgery after a complete patient evaluation.

Nostril reduction surgery is usually combined with other rhinoplasty procedures to help the nose appear more balanced and in proportion overall. 

Nostril Surgery Preparation & Procedure

Nostril Surgery is a procedure and takes around 2 hours. Before surgery, your doctor will fully evaluate the patient’s cosmetic goals and understanding. You may have image manipulation performed to give you an idea of what can be achieved through surgery. These should be used a guide only. You will have a careful discussion with Mr Lakhani about the procedure including the risks and benefits. You will be fully asleep for the surgery and you will wake up with a small dressing on the nose. This will be removed a few days later along with any non-dissolvable stitches.

Coherent & Tailored Alarplasty Experience At Rhinoplasty LDN

Looking for the ideal nose reduction or alarplasty appointment in the UK? Look no further than the expertise of Rhinoplasty LDN under the guidance of Mr Lakhani. Our highly qualified team have extensive expertise in providing a holistic nose surgery experience to our patients, dedicated to their maximum comfort and meeting their expectations.

We adequately evaluate the patient's requirements during a deatiled consultation process while answering any doubts or questions they may have regarding the surgery. We strive to provide a seamless surgical experience of Nostril Reduction in UK.

Nostril Reduction Surgery and Alarplasty Recovery

Alarplasty and nostril reduction surgery recovery is usually relatively smooth. Post-surgery symptoms for Alarplasty consist of a mild pain, swelling around the nose and eyes, and minor breathing problems. These symptoms only last up to 1-2 weeks however. The applied bandages and stitches to your surgical area are safely removed after a week. It is recommended not to undertake any heavy exercise or activity while your nose is in the healing process.

Rhinoplasty LDN provides our patients with a holistic post-surgery approach with tailored medications to speed up their recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nostril Reduction Surgery

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