Otoplasty London

Ear shaping surgery can help to reduce the prominence of ears.

Ear reshaping (otoplasty) and Ear Fold in London and Harley Street

Mr Lakhani specialises in ear reshaping and the minimally invasive Earfold™ technique. Surgery to improve the appearance of the ears can be performed for one ear or both. The issue with the shape of the ears can often be due to misshapen cartilage. Mr Lakhani aims to treat the specific issues causing the ear to be misshapen whilst giving you the most natural result possible. 

Who is suitable for otoplasty or ear reshaping surgery?

Mr Lakhani performs otoplasty in patients of all ages. It is sensible to wait until children are at least eight years old so that they can participate in the discussion. It is also important to have a realistic expectation with regards to this type of cosmetic surgery. Mr Lakhani will have a careful, honest discussion with you regarding your surgery and the type of outcome you can expect. The cost of ear pinning surgery will be discussed and Mr Lakhani’s office will provide you with a fully itemised quote prior to surgery. 

Where can I have my pinnaplasty?

Mr Lakhani offers ear reshaping surgery at several locations in central London including Harley Street, The Lister Hospital in Chelsea, The Portland Hospital for Children or at St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey.

Ear pinning surgery

The procedure usually takes two hours for both ears and is performed under a general anaesthetic.  In some cases, it may be possible to perform the surgery under local anaesthesia. During the procedure, the ear cartilage is reshaped using stitches or carefully moulded to achieve the desired result. You will usually wake up with dressings on the ear and a head bandage which will stay in place for a few days after surgery. 


Ear Fold

Earfold™ is an excellent option for ear reshaping. It is performed under a local anaesthetic and has a shorter recovery time compared to more formal reshaping surgery. Mr Lakhani will be able to show you the likely result you can expect with Earfold™ during your consultation. The procedure involves careful placement of extremely thin, discreet clips under the skin of the ear to bring the shape of the ear into a less prominent position and shape. Mr Lakhani Is able to provide the Earfold™ procedure at the Harley Street clinic, the Lister Hospital, Chelsea and at St. Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey. 

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