Male Rhinoplasty

Male Rhinoplasty is one of the most common yet complex plastic surgery operations intended to reshape or enhance the shape of the nose.

What Is Male Rhinoplasty?

Male Rhinoplasty is a specific kind of surgery intended to reshape a male nose to match the rest of its facial features. It is becoming one of the most common plastic surgery operations among the male population to treat various nose deformities and improve nose symmetry while simultaneously increasing the aesthetic features of their nose to match the rest of their face.

The consultation process is the most important aspect behind Male Rhinoplasty as it is important that the patient and doctor are aligned with their goals, requirements, and procedure before proceeding to surgery.

Why Men Opt For Male Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery operations among men, and for a good reason. The need for Male Rhinoplasty among men is derived from their unhappiness regarding their nose shape. The ideal male nose consists of a straight nasal bridge that is symmetrical and balanced with the rest of the facial structure. 

Common physical reasons that men opt for Rhinoplasty are such as;

  • Crooked Nose
  • Deviated Septum and nose
  • Wide Nose
  • Broad or Drooping Nose Tip
  • Uneven Nostrils
  • Nose Hump

Get Your Ideal Nose Shape At Rhinoplasty LDN

At Rhinoplasty LDN, we ensure that your expectations are met with utmost careful consideration under the leadership of Mr Lakhani. Our long standing expertise has solidified our position as one of the leading establishments for Male Rhinoplasty in UK. We are dedicated to prioritising matching the expectations of our patients through counselling before the surgery. In the process, we help the patient understand every detail about the procedure and the complications that may arise, along with addressing any questions regarding the surgery.

After a detailed patient evaluation, we then proceed to plan out a tailored Male Rhinoplasty approach customised to the patient’s requirements that is safe and, more importantly deliverable.

Post-Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips

It is essential to consider that Male Rhinoplasty is a relatively complex operation; hence, patience and care are required for smooth post-surgery recovery. Men may face symptoms like nasal congestion, swelling, breathing difficulty, etc., and may be asked to take some time off from work or everyday activities to focus on recovery. Initially, Male Rhinoplasty recovery can take a couple of weeks before the patient starts to feel comfortable again.

In the UK Male Rhinoplasty is undertaken with care and consideration. Mr Lakhani will check up on your progress at follow-up appointments and prescribe you an adequate and customised medication treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Male Rhinoplasty

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