''Mr Raj Lakhani was extremely professional and a great surgeon, after suffering with problems breathing through my nose, he was able to fix this in surgery and kept me as comfortable and calm as possible during the lead up.
His Assistant is also fantastic, super quick on responses to any queries or questions I had.
Highly recommended, particularly if you are nervous or anxious about procedures.''

''My experience with Mr Lakhani was excellent, from the very first consultation to the ongoing post surgery care. Raj is clearly an expert in his field, with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, meaning I felt in safe hands and reassured at every stage of my treatment. Besides his clear medical expertise, Raj really takes the time to listen and understand, and is great at explaining complex concepts in layman’s terms, so you are never in the dark. My surgery and recovery went smoothly but Raj made it clear I could contact him at any time if any issues did arise which was very reassuring. Overall, I would highly recommend Mr Lakhani to any of my friends and family, and I am extremely happy with the process and outcome of my treatment. Thank you Raj!''

''Overall brilliant experience, nose has recovered well and deviated septum completely fixed. Very thankful to Dr Lakhani and his team, highly recommend, simple procedure with little recovery time. Moreover very caring and helpful post-op.''

''After years of suffering with not being able to breathe through my nose or smell and feeling very frustrated, it was great to talk to Mr Lakhani. He explained all possible avenues I could take and then supported my treatment which has so far been extremely effective. Mr Lakhani has clearly seen many cases such as mine and this provided me with great comfort, he did not rush our appointments at all and made me feel like he genuinely wanted the treatment to work for me. Thank you!''

''Mr Lakhani was extremely professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process from initial consultation to post surgery check up.
I initially had several concerns regarding the appropriate treatment and although I felt consulted in the decisions made, Mr Lakhani guided me expertly and I was more than happy with the final result.
The day of surgery was completely stress free and Mr Lakhani was excellent, taking time to prepare me for the procedure and provide me with care advice post surgery.
I would absolutely recommend Mr Lakhani.''

"One of the most caring Doctors that I’ve ever had, everything was done with so much care and professionalism! Will be using him ever time I need treatment."
"Fantastic! Fixed my issue on the first session. Really impressed. Do not hesitate to see Mr Lakhani."
"Brilliant consultant; easy to talk to and explain what’s going on, and was quick to explain clearly what was going on!"
"Dr. Lakhani helped me in solving an issue with my nose.
He was very professional, the treatment was very effective and went exactly as planned.
I am extremely satisfied and I would highly recommend dr. Lakhani."
"Very professional and resolved an issue I’ve been dealing with for years. Amazing experience !"