Rhinoplasty Journey

Quite often patients have been considering a rhinoplasty for many years. We understand that this is an extremely important, personal decision for patients & we take the time to understand your concerns and ensure your questions are answered.

Referral process

Mr Lakhani accepts referrals from several different sources. Patients may contact the office directly to book a consultation or they may be referred by their GP. Mr Lakhani works with all the major insurers and regularly receives referrals directly from insurance companies to access his expertise. Mr Lakhani also often takes referrals from colleagues for nasal surgery and revision surgery. Whatever your route of referral into our rhinoplasty clinic you will be welcomed, and every effort will be made to ensure you receive the highest possible care throughout your journey with us.  To book your appointment please contact Mr Lakhani's PA Julia and she will arrange a convenient time for you to meet with him. The initial meeting usually lasts approximately 45 minutes and can be undertaken at a variety of central London locations.

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Initial meeting and consultation

Mr Lakhani feels it is important to meet in person to discuss the rhinoplasty and so that a complete assessment of the nose can be undertaken. Occasionally a telephone or video consultation may be suitable for a very specific purpose prior to surgery but in general, face-to-face appointments are preferred. During your initial consultation with Mr Lakhani, he will take time to understand your reasons for having a rhinoplasty procedure. It is very important that all the concerns and problems with the nose are covered during this consultation.

You are welcome to bring along a friend or family member to your consultations. Please feel free to ask any questions with regards to the treatment during the consultation and of course if you think of any questions after the consultation please feel free to contact us. Mr Lakhani will also take the time to understand your personal medical history and take this into account to ensure your safety during the procedure and the recovery period.

During the consultation Mr Lakhani will undertake a series of clinical photographs of the face and nose to help inform your treatment plan and to discuss the specific concerns you have regarding the shape of your nose. Through image morphing we will be able to give you a guide of what can be safely achieved through a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure.

Mr Lakhani will make a careful assessment of the shape of your nose paying particular attention to the areas you may wish to improve. He will also examine the inside of the nose along with assessing the balance of your nose with your other facial features. 

If you have breathing problems or other problems with the way your nose works then you may require further examination of the inside of the nose with a fine telescope, a procedure known as nasal endoscopy. This can be done on the same day as your initial consultation. If needed, the inside of the nose can be numbed with a simple spray prior to the procedure.

Mr Lakhani will formulate a plan for reshaping your nose with the aim of providing you with an optimum result. The plan recommended for you is based on the principles of ensuring the nose is in harmony with your facial features and to achieve a look that is natural. The various surgical approaches and pros and cons of each technique can be discussed with you. You will be provided with a full medical report within a few days to help with your decision-making regarding surgery. Mr Lakhani feels it is very important that you do not rush into surgery and take time to consider the plan discussed. Again, if you have any questions which may arise following the consultation you are welcome to contact Mr Lakhani for clarification. If there is a significant amount of time between the initial consultation and the date of surgery, then we would recommend a further consultation prior to surgery.

Mr Lakhani is very happy to give you the time you need to be able to be comfortable with your rhinoplasty decisions. Therefore, it will take two consultations and occasionally more to come to a point where we can proceed with further treatment. 

Mr Lakhani feels that it is essential that your medical and psychological well-being are fully cared for when considering rhinoplasty surgery. He will take the time to provide you with the safest possible approach to achieve your aims. He may also recommend input from a colleague to ensure your psychological health is evaluated to ensure together we make every effort to keep you healthy and happy through your rhinoplasty journey. 

Proceeding with surgery

If you would like to proceed with surgery, you can contact Mr Lakhani’s' secretary by email or phone. You will be given options regarding the dates for your nose reshaping surgery and the location of your operation. We will provide you with a full, itemised quotation for your treatment. 

The day of surgery and aftercare

You will be given clear advice on how to prepare for your surgery and the details regarding your hospital admission. The majority of rhinoplasty surgery performed by Mr Lakhani is on a day case basis allowing you to go home on the same day as your surgery. An overnight stay can be arranged if required. You are usually seen a few days after surgery to remove any dressings and then further follow-up is arranged as required. Further in-depth explanation of the day of surgery can be found below along with aftercare advice. 

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