Preparing for surgery and aftercare

During your initial meetings with Mr Lakhani, you will be fully informed regarding the details of your rhinoplasty surgery.

During your initial meetings with Mr Lakhani you will be provided with full details of your rhinoplasty surgery. His PA Julia will be on hand to answer any additional questions. His anaesthetist will contact you prior to surgery to ensure any questions about the anaesthesia are fully answered. Our team can effectively manage needle phobic patients to ensure they are calm and reassured for their operation.

Prior to the day of surgery

You should ensure that you maintain a healthy diet, avoid excess alcohol and avoid smoking prior to surgery. This will help to ensure your health is optimised both during the surgery and to aid healing and recovery afterwards. You can continue your normal exercise levels before surgery.  We would advise you avoid excess sun exposure in the 2-3 weeks prior to surgery. If you have any injuries to the nose prior to your operation, then you should contact Mr Lakhani for advice. If you take medication, then specific instructions regarding this will be provided. 

Day of surgery

You will be given specific instructions regarding eating and drinking prior to surgery along with a specific time to present at the hospital. You will be taken to your own private room where you will have time to settle in and relax prior to your operation. Mr Lakhani, his anaesthetist and nursing staff will come and meet with you prior to the operation to answer any questions you may have and to complete any necessary paperwork.

After your operation

You will wake up in the recovery room where Mr Lakhani will see and review you. Mr Lakhani’s nursing staff will regularly review you after your surgery to ensure you are comfortable and recovering well. Mr Lakhani will also review you again prior to discharge and answer any question you may have. We would usually recommend asking a friend or family member to escort you home safely.


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