How Much Does a Nose Job Cost in London?

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Do you want to change the shape and size of your nose? Or correct nose deformities? A nose job is a good option for you.

But what exactly is it? How much does a nose job cost in London? And is the procedure covered by health insurance plans?

Well, a nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, is a procedure to modify and correct the appearance and structure of the nose. It is also performed to repair deformities from an injury, improve some breathing difficulties, or correct a birth defect.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed across the world. According to Statista, 1,330 rhinoplasty procedures were performed in the UK in 2021.

Talking about its cost, you can expect to pay between £7,000 and £10,000. However, several factors influence the cost of a nose job in the London, which we will discuss later in this post.

To know exactly how much it will cost, you can contact our experts at Rhinoplasty LDN. We will work with you to improve the aesthetics of your nose so that it is in harmony with your facial features. Our top surgeon, Mr. Lakhani, will have one-on-one, honest, and open conversations with you about the procedure. He will ask about your motivation and goals and conduct a physical examination.

The physical examination may include laboratory tests, such as blood tests. Mr. Lakhani will also examine the inside and outside of your nose and facial features to determine what changes can be made.

In addition, his assistant will capture your nose’s photographs from different angles and manipulate them with computer software to show you what kind of results are possible.

We at Rhinoplasty LDN offer specialized approaches and techniques, such as ultrasonic rhinoplasty (piezoelectric rhinoplasty) and scarless and minimally invasive rhinoplasty. Both these techniques reduce the complexities of the procedure and healing time and provide you with the best results.

3 Main Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Standard rhinoplasty involves a full correction/alteration of the entire nose (including the nostrils, the tip, and the bridge). Your surgeon will make incisions inside the nose during the procedure to modify the bone’s structure. The surgeon will operate on the cartilage of the inside of the nose, either reshaping or removing parts to provide you with the desired nose shape.


Many people have a crooked or deviated septum. But the problem can worsen if it’s severe. It can block one side of your nose and affect airflow, causing difficulty breathing.

To rectify this problem, you can opt for a septoplasty. The procedure involves straightening the cartilage and bone dividing your nostrils, called the septum.

The surgeon will reposition the deviated septum to the middle of your nose. For this, your surgeon will remove parts of the nasal septum before re-inserting them in the proper position. This can be combined with cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Rhino-tip is similar to a full rhinoplasty. Most tip corrections involve modifying the structure or shape of the underlying cartilage.

Rhino-tip is a good option for you if you:

  • Have nostrils that flare
  • Want to straighten a curve in the nose lower down
  • Have unbalanced nostrils
  • Want to sculpt a bulbous tip
  • Have a drooping nose

The procedure can be performed with numerous methods:

Tip Defatting: This method is an ideal option for patients with a bulbous tip caused by too much fibro fat on the tip of the nose. Your surgeon has to be very careful with this procedure as there is a delicate blood supply to the skin which must not be damaged.

Dome Binding Suturing: This method is true for patients who want rounded and less bulbous noses. The procedure involves placing a suture within the nose tip cartilages to guide the new shape and create a very refined nose tip.

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Lower Lateral Crural (sidewalls of the lower part of the nose) Strut Graft: The procedure helps to make a more bulbous, round nose more defined. Cartilage is harvested from the nasal septum and transferred to straighten the sidewall of the nose.

Cephalic Trim: This method helps create a more defined nasal tip by removing or trimming cartilage along the tip towards the top. It can also help lift the tip slightly.

What Factors Affect the Rhinoplasty Cost?

Before having a rhinoplasty, knowing about the factors that influence its cost is always recommended by experts. It is important to recognize that the cost of rhinoplasty usually includes a surgeon’s fee, the anaesthetist’s fee, and the hospital fee. There are factors that can affect these costs.

Location of the clinic

Like other services, rhinoplasty costs also vary depending on the clinic’s location. For example, if the clinic is located in a small city, it will cost you less comparatively than the clinic in larger cities. However, most experienced surgeons reside in larger cities and those surgeons may be able to deliver more consistent results.

Experience of the surgeon

The surgeon’s experience is another factor that affects the cost of rhinoplasty. A cosmetic surgeon with good experience and knowledge charges higher than a less experienced surgeon. You should always choose an experienced surgeon because they are aware of the complexities of the procedure and know how to overcome those challenges.

Facility fees
The facility fees refer to the cost of the operating room where you have your surgery. Clinics or hospitals within in larger cities usually cost more than those outside of big cities.

Anesthesia costs
The length of the procedure and anesthesiologist fees also affects the total cost of a nose job. The procedure usually takes 2 to 4 hours to complete.

Degree of change desired

Surgeries that require a small change to a single feature of the nose can cost less than the procedure requiring reshaping several features of the nose. There are exceptions to this, however. For example, reshaping the nose tip is very complex therefore although only a small part of the nose is being reshaped the is likely to be higher. Furthermore, it is rare for there only to be one area to improve with a nose. It is vital to harmonize all elements of the nose also.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Generally, revision rhinoplasty is more complex and therefore more expensive than primary (first) rhinoplasty. This is due to the times, difficulty, and skill set required to improve upon the outcome of the first surgery. Furthermore, grafting from other areas of the nose can be required.
Pain relief and other associated medication
After rhinoplasty, patients may require specific medicines and follow-up treatment. So, also consider the cost of these variables.

Nose Job cost in London

Typically, the cost of a nose job in the London starts from £7,000 and goes up to £10,000. At Rhinoplasty LDN, we tailor our techniques to the individual requirements to provide you with the best results.

You can consult with our experts to know how much rhinoplasty will cost you based on your requirements.

Nose Job Aftercare and Consultancy Cost
In addition to the total rhinoplasty cost, you should consider aftercare.

Follow the below tips to lower the chances of swelling and bleeding. These tips will also speed up your recovery:

  • After Nose Job Eat healthy fruits and vegetables.
  • After Nose Job Do not blow your nose for the first 7-10 days of the procedure.
  • After Nose Job Avoid smoking for the first six weeks of the procedure.
  • After Nose Job Gently brush your teeth to reduce the upper lip movement.
  • After Nose Job Avoid strenuous activities. After two weeks of the procedure, you can gradually resume your activities.

Moreover, use SPF 30 sunscreen once the nasal dressing has been removed when you are outside because sun exposure can cause discoloration in the skin of the nose.

Also, don’t rest your sunglasses or eyeglasses on your nose for at least the first four weeks to prevent pressure on your nose. Instead, you can use contact lenses if possible.

Do Health Insurance Plans Cover Rhinoplasty?

The answer depends on the purpose of the procedure. Usually, health insurance doesn’t cover rhinoplasty procedures performed for cosmetic purposes. However, rhinoplasty procedures performed to correct functional issues are covered by insurance.

In some cases, insurance can cover a portion of the total cost of surgery if there is an element being performed to improve its function.


Rhinoplasty is a good option to achieve an aesthetically appealing nose and improve nasal function. The procedure cost are variable and depends upon various factors. Contact our experts to know more about the procedure and total cost of a nose job in the London.

We have cutting-edge techniques and approaches to provide you with the desired results.

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