Rhinotillexomania To Rhinoplasty: Know All About Nose Picking Disorders, Associated Septums & Cure Through Surgery

Rhinotillexomania to Rhinoplasty

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The title must have baffled you a bit, but don’t worry; we’re here to make it easy! The world of medical science is filled with treatments that can treat almost every human discomfort! So, here we are with one solution to problems! 

This article will talk all about what rhinotillexomania is. How does it lead to a hole in septum from nose picking? And how the fine practice of rhinoplasty can help you breathe better while looking fabulous! We will also share the expected results, benefits, management techniques and other things that have been under the trap for a very long time! 

What is Rhinotillexomania?

Rhinotillexomania is a behavioural disorder characterised by excessive nose-picking. Or in simple words, rhinotillexomania is when someone picks their nose too much. It is a compulsive habit that can be hard to control, and people who have it may feel a strong urge to pick their noses all the time. This condition can be caused by anxiety or even boredom.

It may look simple at first, but in the long run, it can make your nose bleed, hurt your nose, and spread germs that can make you sick. Therefore, it’s important to avoid picking your nose and instead use a tissue or handkerchief to clean your nose. It’s also important to regularly wash your hands to prevent the spread of germs.

How Rhinotillexomania Leads to Septums?

Now that we know what rhinotillexomania is, let’s understand how it leads to septum. Well, it’s very simple! When you pick your nose, you can hurt the inside skin, especially the septum. Septum is known as the thin wall that separates your left and right nostrils. Rhinotillexomania or repeated picking can damage the delicate tissues inside the nose and cause a hole to form, which is called septal perforation. 

When there’s a hole in the septum, it can cause problems with breathing, like snoring or congestion. It can also cause nosebleeds, a runny nose, and a whistling sound when breathing. To avoid septal perforations, it’s important to avoid picking your nose. Instead, use a tissue or handkerchief to clean your nose. If you feel like something is stuck, blowing your nose gently can help.

How can rhinoplasty be a big help in the treatment? 

If someone has a septal perforation, nasal septum perforation surgery like rhinoplasty can be used to fix the hole. But apart from being a great help in breathing, this medical procedure also has some other benefits. They are – 

  • Improved overall health: If someone has been struggling with breathing problems due to a septal perforation, rhinoplasty surgery can help improve their overall health. Better breathing can lead to restful sleep and a better quality of life.
  • Improved physical appearance: Rhinoplasty can also be used to improve the appearance of the nose. If the septal perforation was caused by trauma to the nose, the surgery could help restore the nose to its pre-injury appearance. Even if the perforation was not caused by trauma, rhinoplasty can still help improve the appearance of the nose.
  • Increased self-confidence: For people who are self-conscious about the appearance of their noses or who have been struggling with breathing problems, rhinoplasty can help increase self-confidence and improve their quality of life.
  • Long-lasting results: While rhinoplasty surgery does require recovery time, the results are typically long-lasting. Once the septal perforation is repaired, most people can enjoy improved breathing and a better quality of life for years to come.


Have you ever wondered if you or someone you know is eligible for rhinoplasty surgery? Well, if you do, then here is the answer! Read below the eligibility criteria for rhinoplasty surgery in detail – 


In general, rhinoplasty surgery is not recommended for children or teenagers who are still growing. The nose may not have reached its final shape and size, so surgery could negatively affect the nose as it continues to grow. Most doctors recommend waiting until a person is at least 15-16 years old before considering rhinoplasty surgery. Only in special cases do doctors conduct rhinoplasty surgery on patients under 15 years old. 

Septum damage: 

If someone has a septal perforation or other damage to the septum, they may be a good candidate for nasal septum perforation surgery like rhinoplasty surgery. The severity of the damage determines what type of surgery is needed for the treatment and the potential outcomes. While most of the cases can be resolved with rhinoplasty surgery, fewer may need other kinds of surgical procedures. 

Mental disorder: 

If someone has a mental disorder that is impacting their quality of life or causing septal perforation in the first place, it’s important for the person to be in good mental health before undergoing surgery. Mental distress or a habit of picking your nose every now and then can cause severe damage to the nose after surgery. Thus, the person may need to receive treatment before the surgery is considered.

Medical conditions: 

If someone has any medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, they are not suitable candidates for rhinoplasty surgery. As such medical conditions could interfere with the surgery or the recovery process, they may not be a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Other than physical diseases, if a person is going through mental disorders that may hamper the surgery or post-surgery treatment, then one must consult the doctor before going under the knife. 

Method of Approach 

Rhinoplasty surgery can help fix problems with the nose, such as a deviated septum, a bump on the bridge of the nose or septal perforation. This hole can cause problems with breathing, nosebleeds, and even a whistling sound when breathing.

To fix the hole, doctors use different methods of approach. One method is called the external rhinoplasty approach with bilateral, posteriorly-based mucosal flaps. To make the medical terms simple for you, this nasal septum perforation treatment is conducted where the doctor will make a small cut on the outside of the nose and use flaps of tissue to close the hole from the inside. This method can work well for smaller holes, up to 3 cm in size.

For larger holes, a two-staged approach may be needed. This means that the procedure is done in two parts, with time in between to allow the nose to heal. Another method is called the graduated approach, which means that the doctor tailors the surgical approach to the size and location of the hole.

Another method is the open rhinoplasty approach with bipedicled mucoperichondrial flaps and temporal fascia grafts. In simple terms, the doctor will use a small piece of tissue from your own body to cover the hole. This method can be successful for repairing septal perforations, but it is usually used for smaller holes.


The results of rhinoplasty nasal septum perforation treatment are quite similar to any other medical procedure. It will help you treat your medical condition! Almost every case in our facility shows great progress and results. They get relief from the septum and its associated symptoms! The key is to follow the post-operation manual carefully and keep visiting your doctor as suggested. If you need to consult a doctor that will offer guaranteed positive results then you can connect to doctors at our facility via our website Rhinoplasty LDN.

Things you can do to manage Rhinotillexomania & Rhinoplasty

If you pick your nose often, it can cause problems like infections or nosebleeds. To make the situation better, there are certain things that you can do – 

First, focus on the reason why the septum happened in the first place so that you can avoid those situations. If it is physical, consult your doctor, but if it is mental, you also need to talk to a specialist. 

If you know the reason, then try to avoid it! For stress, anxiety and depression-related issues, you can get a stress ball or toy. You can keep it handy and use it when you feel the urge to scratch your nose. Also, if you do need to pick your nose, do it with a tissue or a soft handkerchief. Ensure you wash your hands and moisten your nose with saline spray or a humidifier. 

Now let’s talk about the surgery! If you have a rhinoplasty,  you must follow your doctor’s instructions to ensure you heal properly. Take the medicine they give you and keep your head up when you rest or sleep. Don’t do any lifting or sports for a while, and use a cold compress to help with swelling. It’s important to be careful and protect your nose while it heals. Keep going to your appointments with your doctor so they can check how you’re doing.

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